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New Report Added in ResearchMoz Reports Database Cable Modem Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018

New Study Set Top Boxes: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018. The 2012 study has 382 pages, 109 tables and figures. Worldwide set top box markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the next generation TV Internet systems provide a way to improve bundled channel video services. Set top boxes support entertainment, business, educational, and healthcare video services delivery in the home. Channels and Internet capability will be accessible from the same handset. Gateways will be used to implement multiple device access in the home in some cases. Cloud systems proliferate.

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According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the study, "Set top boxes bring Internet to the home. They are evolving the capability to be used by the cable and TV entertainment industry to deliver Internet services. The cloud represents the preferred Internet delivery model so that services from bundled channels and the Internet can be accessed from one single remote TV selector."


New types of entertainment and sports oriented services are coming into the home. Bundled channel video is being extended as people achieve Internet access capabilities over the HD TV. Enhancements to the current bundled channels promise significant growth to the cable industry. The ability to enhance channel access with HD TV Internet access promises to have broad appeal. The Internet promises to enhance sports programming with information about the game and players delivered over a devices while a channel is being watched. Information at the same time as a program will be enticing. Others watch programs using a single network available on different devices supporting moving to different parts of the home. New cloud services open more efficient ways to deliver those capabilities to everyone. Set top boxes play a continuing key role in enabling HD TV bundled channel services delivery.


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Set top boxes support bundled video channel services delivery. Bundling continues to have widespread appeal as a way to fund the creation of video entertainment that has broad appeal. Next generation set top boxes and home IP gateway devices offer significant IP based functionality to the home.


Set top boxes are useful particularly in the US where there is widespread adoption of the cable TV services delivery. With the cable video business model spreading worldwide bundled programming is anticipated to continue to have appeal. Markets are poised for significant growth. Video content is proliferating.


The channel offerings bring compelling content that can only be produced under the current business model. They provide a valuable connectivity between the cable services provider content and the home HD TV. While it is nice to think that everyone will pay for a media player or media gateway that offers more functions, in truth, the separate set top box is functional, low cost, and performs a valuable services delivery vehicle.


At the high end, set top box markets are migrating in part to next generation solutions with an integrated multimedia device offering entertainment to the entire home. A cloud model is different. The cloud is very appealing and being implemented by several services providers, assuring continued proliferation of set top boxes for a long time to come.


Bundled channels of video have been a compelling business model replacing broadcast TV free channels with bundles of paid channel packages. This bundled programming model is anticipated to continue to thrive as Internet services are added to the TV set.


Video communication is increasing in importance. Video content is replacing voice, data, text, and print media in many instances. Educational video is evolving a more significant place in the teaching of students. News video is proliferating. Video is being used to accomplish remote healthcare services delivery. These uses of video over the Internet will leverage HD TV devices, complementing the current bundled entertainment programming business model.


Set top boxes will last for a long, long time with the addition of Internet access capability. The issue is whether bringing Internet protocol (IP) to the set top box will destroy the proprietary bundling of channels for TV. The value of bundling is likely to create persistence of the cable industry business model as it exists now.


Bringing IP to the TV set is not significantly different than having the Intent available on the PC or cell phone. IP TV brings more content, particularly health services as new content, but it is not anticipated to disrupt the existing bundled channel services entertainment and sports model that cable providers bring now.


Set top box dedicated device markets at $8.7 billion in 2011 are anticipated to reach $15.6 billion by 2018 as next generation gateways and cloud computing are introduced to manage Internet connectivity to HD TV devices in the home.


Table of Content


1. Set Top Box Market Description and Dynamics

1.1 Sustained Economic Weakness And Volatile Credit Markets

1.2 Digital Revolution

1.2.1 Home Networking

1.2.2 Cable Industry Overview

1.2.3 Cable Industry Conditions

1.2.4 Growing Demand for Bundled Services —

1.2.5 Digital Video Recorders

1.2.6 Content Providers Increasingly Offer Personalized Content

1.2.7 Television Has Become More Interactive And Personalized

1.3 Release 3.0 of DOCSIS® Is Current Governing Standard For

Data Services in North America

1.4 Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination System

1.4.1 Fixed-Access Layer Termination

1.4.2 Home Network Physical Layer

1.4.3 MSO Residential Gateway

1.5 Standard Technologies Like DOCSIS

1.5.1 Cable Television Industry Dramatic Technological Change

1.5.2 Cable Operators Demanding Advanced Network

Technologies and Software Solutions

1.5.3 Cable Industry Few Key Customers

1.6 Internet Advertising

1.6.1 Advertising Dollars

1.6.2 Consolidation Of Vendors

1.7 Cable Operator Business Services

1.8 Cable Modem Connections

1.9 Internet As Cable Industry Infrastructure

1.9.1 ARRIS Touchstone® Customer Premises

Equipment Solutions

1.9.2 Residential E-MTA

1.9.3 DOCSIS 3.0 Solutions

1.10 Small-Medium Business Solutions

1.11 Wireless Gateways

1.11.1 Wireless Telecom Trends


2. Set Top Box Market Shares and Forecasts

2.1 Cable Industry and Set Top Box Device Market Dynamics

2.1.1 Cable TV IP Industry Interrupt-Based Advertising

2.1.2 Cable Industry Bundling

2.1.3 Set Top Box Market Driving Forces

2.1.4 Cable Industry Conditions

2.2 Set Top Box Market Shares

2.2.1 Pace PLC

2.2.2 Pace

2.2.3 Cisco

2.2.4 Google Motorola

2.2.5 Arris

2.2.6 EchoStar Digital Set-Top Box Products

2.2.7 Netgem

2.2.8 Netgem

2.2.9 Technicolor Set Top Boxes

2.3 Set Top Box Market Forecasts

2.3.1 Cable Industry Challenges

2.3.2 Total Global Broadband Subscribers

2.3.3 US Cable Industry Statistics

2.3.4 Set Top Box and Next Generation

Home IP Gateway Market DOCSIS 3 Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide,

2.3.5 Set Top Box Industry Competition

2.3.6 Cable TV Cell-Site Backhaul

2.3.7 Cable Industry Market Growth Factors

2.3.8 Cable Industry Trends

2.3.9 Adoption of HD TV for Telemedicine

2.3.10 Adoption Of Voice Service

2.3.11 Video Key To Offering Compelling Triple-Play Services

2.3.12 MSOs Begin To Adapt

2.4 Broadband Set Top Box Enabling the Visual Network in the Home

2.4.1 Internet Video Traffic

2.4.2 Over-The-Top (OTT) Video Content

2.4.3 Wireless Phones

2.4.4 Residential Video Gateway Sector

2.4.5 Modems and Residential Gateways

2.4.6 MSO Service Convergence

2.4.7 MSO Open Network Capabilities & Web Integration

2.5 Set Top Box Regional Market Segments

2.5.1 US Home Networking

2.5.2 Arris Net Sales by Regional Segment


3. Set Top Box Product Description

3.1 Pace PLC

3.1.1 Pace High Definition PVR Set Top Box

3.1.2 Pace DZC5000

3.1.3 Pace TDC865

3.1.4 Pace HDC7240

3.1.5 Pace Cable Set-Top Boxes

3.1.6 PaceDZC5000

3.1.7 Pace HDC7240

3.1.8 Pace High Definition

3.1.9 Pace DZC3000

3.1.10 Pace DC840

3.1.11 Pace DC830

3.1.12 Pace DCR6230

3.1.13 Pace DZC2000

3.1.14 Pace DCR2230

3.1.15 Pace C5300 Gateway Value Added Services

3.2 Google Motorola Set Top Boxes

3.2.1 Motorola QIP7216 Set Top Box

3.2.2 Motorola DCT6416

3.2.3 Motorola DCT700

3.2.4 Motorola DTA100

3.2.5 Google Motorola Telelynx TT-9601LT & TC-9601LT

3.2.6 Google Motorola Telelynx TC-9512-PVR

3.3 Cisco Scientific Atlanta

3.4 ARRIS Media Gateway Whole Home Solution

3.4.1 ARRIS RFoG Solutions

3.4.2 ARRIS Whole Home, DOCSIS® 3.0, Multi-Screen

Set Top Box Solutions

3.4.3 Arris nABLE™ Set Top Apps

3.5 Thompson Technicolor Set Top Boxes

3.5.1 Technicolor Full 3D HD Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband


3.5.2 Technicolor TWG870

3.6 Echostar

3.6.1 EchoStar Digital Set-Top Box Products

3.6.2 EchoStar Technologies Digital Broadcast Operations

3.7 Microsoft Enters The Living Room


4. Set Top Box Technology

4.1 Video Media Cloud

4.1.1 Cloud Computing Leverages Networks To Share Video

4.2 IPv6 Leverages the Cloud to Gain More Addressing Space

4.3 Set-Top Box Technologies

4.4 Ethernet:

4.4.1 Provider Backbone Bridge Traffic Engineering (PBB-TE)

4.5 Video Architecture

4.5.1 End-To-End Architectural Approach

4.5.2 Cisco VXI Desktop Virtualization And

Collaboration Architectures

4.5.3 Cisco IOS Cable Modem Remote-Query Command

4.6 Understanding Online States

4.6.1 Registration and Provisioning Status Conditions

4.6.2 Non-Error Status Conditions

4.6.3 Error Status Conditions

4.7 Cisco Support Community - Featured Conversations

4.8 Wireless Device Proliferation

4.9 Cable Industry Regulatory issues

4.10 Home Network Standards/Technologies

4.10.1 Cable Modem Termination System

4.10.2 Fixed-Access Layer Termination

4.10.3 Home Network Physical Layer

4.10.4 MSO Residential Gateway

4.10.5 Microcells, Picocells, And Femtocells

4.10.6 Deployment

4.10.7 Small-Cell Benefits


5 Set Top Box Company Profiles


5.1.1 Arris Revenue

5.1.2 Arris Broadband Communications Systems (BCS)

5.1.3 Arris CMTS

5.1.4 Arris CPE

5.1.5 Arris Access, Transport & Supplies (ATS)

5.1.6 Arris Media & Communications Systems (MCS)

5.1.7 Arris Product, Services, and Regional Revenue

5.1.8 Arris Revenue Q1 2012

5.1.9 Arris Revenue

5.1.10 Arris Strategy

5.1.11 Arris Radio Frequency Products

5.1.12 Arris Supplies

5.1.13 ARRIS Company Overview

5.1.14 Arris Strategy Focus on Enabling Convergence of

Cable Services on A unified IP Platform

5.1.15 Arris Acquisitions: BigBand

5.1.16 BigBand Networks Applications For Targeted Advertising

5.1.17 Arris BigBand Video-Networking Platforms

5.1.18 Arris / BigBand Third Quarter 2011 Revenue

5.2 BendBroadband

5.3 Broadcom

5.4 CableLabs

5.5 Casa Systems

5.5.1 Casa Systems Investment Partners Liberty Global

5.5.2 Casa Systems Investment Summit Partners

5.5.3 Casa Systems CMTS Supports Rollout of

Wholesale Broadband Access Services

5.6 Cisco

5.6.1 Cisco Forecasts Mobile Data Traffic

5.6.2 Cisco Creating Long-Lasting Customer Partnerships

5.6.3 Cisco Information Technology

5.6.4 Cisco Virtualization

5.6.5 Cisco Addresses the Competitive Landscape In The

Enterprise Data Center

5.6.6 Cisco Architectural Approach

5.6.7 Cisco Switching

5.6.8 Cisco NGN Routing

5.6.9 Cisco Collaboration

5.6.10 Cisco Service Provider Video

5.6.11 Cisco Wireless

5.6.12 Cisco Security

5.6.13 Cisco Data Center Products

5.6.14 Cisco Other Products

5.6.15 Cisco Systems Net Sales

5.6.16 Cisco Systems Revenue by Segment

5.6.17 Cisco Telepresence Systems Segment Net Sales

5.6.18 Cisco Tops 10,000 Unified Computing System Customers

5.6.19 Cisco Customer Focus

5.6.20 Cisco Tops 10,000 Unified Computing System

Customers: Captures 53 Industry Benchmark World Records

5.7 Comcast Business Services

5.7.1 Comcast Cable

5.8 CommScope

5.8.1 CommScope / LiquidxStream Systems

5.9 Com21

5.9.1 COM Twenty One Converged Communication Solutions

5.9.2 COM Twenty One Application Servers,

Storage & Data Centre Solutions:

5.9.3 COM Twenty One Surveillance and Integrated Security Solutions

5.9.4 COM Twenty One Connectivity

5.9.5 COM Twenty One Network, Security, Content

and Bandwidth Management Solutions:

5.9.6 COM Twenty One Turnkey Software Projects

5.9.7 COM Twenty One Business Continuity Planning

5.9.8 COM Twenty One ISP Data Services

5.9.9 COM Twenty One Document & Content Management

5.10 EchoStar

5.10.1 EchoStar Set-Top Boxes

5.10.2 EchoStar Delivery Products For Television Experience

5.10.3 EchoStar Equipment Revenue

5.10.4 EchoStar Technologies Satellites

5.10.5 EchoStar Technologies Satellite Anomalies

5.10.6 EchoStar Technologies Owned Satellites

5.10.7 EchoStar Technologies Satellite Fleet

5.10.8 EchoStar Technologies Satellite Fleet Recent Developments

5.10.9 EchoStar Technologies Leased Satellites

5.10.10 EchoStar Technologies Long-Lived Satellite Assets

5.10.11 EchoStar Technologies Segment Reporting

5.10.12 EchoStar Technologies Segment

5.11 Ericsson

5.11.1 Ericsson Net Sales (Share Of Total)

5.11.2 Ericsson First Quarter Report 2012

5.11.3 Ericsson Market Share Estimates

5.11.4 Ericsson Market Position

5.11.5 Ericsson Go-To-Market Model

5.12 Google

5.12.1 Google / Motorola

5.12.2 Google Search

5.12.3 Google Advertising

5.12.4 Google YouTube

5.12.5 You Tube

5.12.6 Statistics

5.12.7 YouTube Partner Program

5.12.8 Monetization

5.12.9 Product Metrics

5.12.10 Content ID

5.12.11 Social

5.12.12 YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011

5.12.13 YouTube Play

5.12.14 Google Mobile

5.12.15 Google Local

5.12.16 Google Operating Systems and Platforms

5.12.17 Google Apps Enterprise

5.12.18 Google Q4 Revenue

5.12.19 Google Organizes The World's Information to

Make It Universally Accessible.

5.12.20 Google Business

5.12.21 Google Search Advertising

5.12.22 Google Display Advertising

5.12.23 Google Mobile Advertising

5.12.24 Google Tools for Publishers

5.12.25 Google / Motorola

5.12.26 Motorola Mobility

5.13 Harmonic

5.13.1 Harmonic Cable Solutions

5.13.2 Harmonic is Comprehensive Video Delivery Platform

5.13.3 Harmonic Highly Integrated Digital Video Gateway

5.13.4 Harmonic Cable Edge

5.14 Huawei

5.14.1 Huawei Intelligent Hotel UC Solution

5.14.2 Huawei FTTH

5.14.3 Huawei Softswitch Certified by CableLabs®

5.14.4 Huawei Cloud Platform: Innovative Foundations

5.14.5 Huawei Building Intelligent Pipes: Performance Leverage

5.14.6 Huawei Telecommunication Solutions

5.14.7 Huawei Videoconferencing System for Shenshuo

Railway Co. Ltd.

5.14.8 Huawei Telepresence Benefits

5.14.9 Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing

 System for Shandong Electric Power Corporation

5.14.10 Huawei Emergency Management

Videoconferencing System Requirement Analysis

5.15 Netgem

5.15.1 Netgem Strategy

5.15.2 Netgem Customer Profile

5.15.3 Netgem Revenues

5.16 Pace PLC

5.16.1 Pace PLC Revenue

5.16.2 Pace North America

5.16.3 Pace Latin America

5.16.4 Pace Brazil.

5.16.5 Pace Europe

5.16.6 Pace Rest of World

5.16.7 Pace Competes Effectively With Satellite Operators

5.16.8 Pace High Definition

5.16.9 Pace Micro Technology

5.17 Sequans

5.17.1 Sequans Communications

5.18 Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd

5.19 Technicolor / Thompson Set Top Boxes

5.19.1 Technicolor

5.19.2 Technicolor Q1 2012 Revenues

5.19.3 Technicolor Q1 2012 highlights

5.19.4 Technicolor / Thomson Consumer Products

5.19.5 Thomson Professional Products / Thomson Broadcast

5.19.6 Thomson Video Networks

5.19.7 Technicolor / RCA Products

5.19.8 Technicolor / Speedtouch

5.19.9 Technicolor / Grass Valley

5.20 Teleste

5.20.1 Teleste Projects:

5.20.2 Teleste Network Planning and

Technical Management Services:

5.20.3 Teleste Strategic Direction

5.21 Teleste Strategic Targets And Actions

5.21.1 Teleste Revenue

5.22 Ubee

5.22.1 Ubee Ships 2 Million DOCSIS 3.0 Units

5.22.2 Ubee Interactive Adopts Sequans' LTE

Semiconductor Solutions

5.23 Zoom Telephonics

5.24 Selected Cable Modem and Set Top Box Companies


List of Table:


Table ES-1 Set Top Box Market Driving Forces

Figure ES-2 Set Top Box and Residential Gateways Market Shares, Dollars, 2011

Figure ES-3 Set Top Box Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018

Table 1-1 Cable Television Industry Dramatic Technological Change Impact

Figure 1-2 Internet As Cable Industry Infrastructure

Figure 1-3 Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) Architecture

Table 2-1 Set Top Box Market Driving Forces

Figure 2-2 Set Top Box and Residential Gateways Market Shares, Dollars, 2011

Table 2-3 Set Top and Gateway Boxes, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011

Figure 2-4 Set Top and Home Gateway Boxes Market Shares, Units, Worldwide, 2011

Table 2-5 Set Top and Gateway Boxes Dollars, Units Worldwide, 2011

Figure 2-6 Cable Modem Market Shares Dollars, Worldwide, 2011

Figure 2-7 Set Top Box Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018

Table 2-8 Set Top Box Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012-2018

Table 2-9 Cable Services Delivery Businesses Challenges

Table 2-10 Cable Services Delivery Business Positioning

Table 2-10 (Continued)

Cable Services Delivery Business Positioning

Table 2-11 US Cable Industry Statistics, 2011

Figure 2-12 Enabling Cable TV Industry Convergence

Figure 2-13 Cable TV Addressable Market

Table 2-14 Factors Likely To Create Shift To Telemedicine

Table 2-15 Telemedicine Adoption Rate Issues And Concerns

Figure 2-16 Internet Video Traffic Growth

Figure 2-17 Set Top Box and Residential Cloud Regional Market

Segments, Dollars, 2011

Table 2-18 Set Top Box and Home IP Cloud Regional Market Segments, 2011

Figure 3-1 Pace Set Top Boxes

Table 3-2 Pace Set Top Box Market Segments

Figure 3-3 ace Set-Top Boxes

Table 3-4 Pace Set Top Box Benefits

Figure 3-5 Pace DZC5000 High Definition PVR

Figure 3-6 Pace DZC5000

Table 3-7 Pace DZC5000 Product Summary

Figure 3-8 Pace TDC865

Table 3-9 Pace TDC865 Product Summary

Figure 3-10 Pace HDC7240

Figure 3-11 Pace HDC7240 Product Highlights

Table 3-12 Pace HDC7240 Product Summary

Figure 3-13 Pace High Definition PVR

Figure 3-14 Pace DZC5000

Figure 3-15 Pace DZC3000

Figure 3-16 Pace DC840

Figure 3-17 Pace DC830

Figure 3-18 Pace DCR6230

Figure 3-19 Pace DZC2000

Figure 3-20 Pace DZC2000

Table 3-21 Pace C5300 Product Highlight

Table 3-22 Pace C5300 Gateway Product Summary

Figure 3-23 Motorola‑DCX‑Set‑Top‑Box

Figure 3-24 Motorola Set Top Box B2C_AOP_DCX3400

Figure 3-25 Motorola VIP1216 is an IP-Based Set Top Box With DVR and HomePNA

Figure 3-26 Motorola QIP7216 hybrid QAM/IP dual tuner HD DVR set top

Figure 3-27 Motorola QIP7218 Ser Top Box for Verizon HDRV

Figure 3-28 Motorola QIP7218 Set Top Box

Table 3-29 Motorola QIP7218

Figure 3-30 Cisco Scientific Atlanta IPN330HD and IPN430MC Set Top Box

Figure 3-31 Arris ConvergeMedia™ XMS Mini

Table 3-32 Arris ConvergeMedia™ XMS Mini Features

Table 3-33 Arris nABLE Set Top Applications Functions

Table 3-34 Arris nABLE Set Top Applications Increased ROI

Table 3-35 Arris nABLE Set Top Applications

Figure 3-36 Thompson Technicolor DXI807

Table 3-37 Technicolor Full 3D HD Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband

MediaServer Features

Table 3-38 Technicolor Full 3D HD Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband MediaServers

Table 3-39 Technicolor MediaServer Broadband & VoIP Show Section

Figure 3-40 Technicolor TWG870

Table 3-41 Technicolor TWG870

Table 3-42 EchoStar Technologies Digital Set-Top Box Products

Table 3-43 EchoStar Technologies SD Digital Set-Top Box and HD Digital

Set-Top Box Functions

Figure 4-1 Public Cloud and Private Cloud Converge with Hybrid Computing

Figure 4-2 Cloud Computing Enables Interconnected World

Table 4-3 Cloud Computing Ecosystem Partner Solutions Features

Figure 4-4 IPv6 Connectivity Through the Cloud

Figure 4-5 Cisco Poised to Support Transition to IPv6

Table 4-6 Types of Set-Top Box Technologies

Figure 4-7 Cisco Medianet Video Architect

Table 4-8 Cisco Media-Net Functions

Figure 4-9 Cisco Media-Net End-To-End Architectural Approach Supports

Cloud Computing

Figure 4-10 End-To-End Video Architectural Approach

Figure 4-11 Cisco Virtualization Infrastructure (VXI)

Figure 4-12 Cisco VXI Desktop Visualization Journey

Figure 5-1 Arris Revenue Q1 2012

Figure 5-2 Arris Strategic Rationale

Figure 5-3 Arris DOCSIS 3.0 Modem Positioning

Table 5-4 Arris Strategy

Table 5-5 ARRIS Company Overview

Figure 5-6 Arris Strategy Focus on Enabling Convergence of Cable

Services on A unified IP Platform

Figure 5-7 Arris Strategy of R & D Focus on Enabling Convergence and

IP Platform 

Table 5-8 Arris Video Strategy

Table 5-9 ARRIS Differentiation

Figure 5-10 Arris Video In the Home to Any Device New IP Devices

Create New Opportunities

Figure 5-11 Arris Moxi Whole Home Solution

Figure 5-12 Arris Cable Edge Router Technology

Figure 5-13 Arris and BigBand Converged Cable Access Platform

Figure 5-14 Arris Product Opportunity for Growth

Table 5-15 Casa Systems Cable Edge Device Services Supported

Table 5-16 Cisco Target Markets

Table 5-17 Cisco Business Model And Foundational Priorities

Figure 5-18 Cisco Forecasts 10.8 Exabytes per Month of Mobile Data Traffic by 2016

Figure 5-19 Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast by Region

Table 5-20 EchoStar Technologies Satellite Fleet Consists Of Owned And Leased Satellites.

Figure 5-21 Ericsson Go to Market Metrics

Table 5-22 Google Strategic Business Initiatives 2011

Figure 5-22 Harmonic Universal Data Plane Solution

Figure 5-23 Huawei Telepresence Solution

Figure 5-24 Huawei Hardware And Software Videoconferencing System

For Shenshuo Railway Co. Ltd.:

Figure 5-25 Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing System Solution

Table 5-26 Netgen Customers

Figure 5-27 Pace Broadband Strategic Positioning

Table 5-28 Pace Product Portfolio

Table 5-29 Pace Portfolio

Table 5-30 Technicolor Brands Supported



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