Weight Management Market And Weight Loss Market

Overweight and obesity have become the major issues that were haunting the well-being of the people and there are various causes related to this menace. This global phenomenon can be controlled. If not completely cured; partly by the Weight Management Services (a subset of the global Weight Management market) that helps the overweight and obese population to manage their BMI factor to lead to balanced life.

The sub-sectors of the Weight Management Services are:
  •  Professional Weight Management Advisory
  •  Slimming Centers
  •  Invasive and non-invasive surgeries for weight loss
The push in the health reforms by various governments of the developed and developing nations in order to enhance the quality of living and to bring down the medical costs, coupled with the changing mindset of the people (preferably the urban-sedentary class) has brought this industry into the spot light, and this report portrays their potential and opportunities prevailing in this industry as a whole.
Notable key facts in regards to the overweight and obese population have been highlighted in this report. Region wise data (such as U.S.A., Europe, Asia and RoW), classification of BMI as per the World Health Organization (WHO), the implications of being overweight and obese, and the drivers of this industry, etc., are covered in detail. The detailed classification of the services in the Weight Management Services is a highlight of this work and followed by the company profiles in detail. In the midst of this research, the investor community is also considered by studying what attracts the investors to this industry.

To bring-in comprehensiveness into this work, emphasis has been laid on the market dynamics, services available, demographic facts and global trends in the weight management services industry. The description of the organizations that are into the slimming centers, related professional services and hospitals that are into the weight loss surgeries have been thoroughly regarded. Separate tables have been provided region and segment wise for quick grasp of the facts and estimates. This report also gives a multi-dimensional perspective of the weight management services industry.

Scope and Overview

The objective of the study on “Weight Management Services Market: Global Analysis and Forecast” is to gain detailed market insights for key Weight Management Services segments. The market is analyzed on the basis of growth trends, ongoing developments, market penetration and revenue share. The report also covers the strategies followed by “Weight Management Services Market” players.
Global Weight Management Market is estimated to be USD 385.1 billion in 2010 and expected to reach USD 650.9 billion in 2015 at a CAGR of 9.4% over the period 2010 to 2015. Equipment & Devices segment accounted for the largest share at 37.7% of weight management market in 2010. Weight management services will be the fastest growing segment at 13.4% CAGR during 2010 to 2015. Weight management services segment will be worth USD 205.2 billion in 2015.
Weight management industry is expected to touch a USD 650 billion mark by the year 2015. This industry is the key to open doors for opportunities for the not only the overweight and obese people, but also the health conscious individuals. This report provides a multi-dimensional view of the “weight management services” that are a subset of the weight management industry. This subsector consists of professional services, slimming centers and hospitals involved in the weight loss procedures such as invasive and non-invasive surgeries.
In the realm of weight management services, there exists a limitless possibility that propels this segment to grow at CAGR of 13.5% (2007 – 2015E) and in value terms USD 200 billion by 2015. This is a major contributor in the weight management services industry with 35% of total potential. Other subsectors contributing to the remaining stake of 65% includes weight loss drugs, supplements, diet foods, replacement foods, beverages, and exercise devices and equipment.
North America is the leader in terms of global market share and growth in the weight management industry with revenue market revenue of USD 147.8 billion in 2010. Second rung is Europe with many people opting for weight management programs in the recent times and this region is growing at a comparable growth rate of North America.
The Asia has the most promising growth potential for the weight management industry in the near-and-far future is where the people are aggressively opting for westernized lifestyles and at the same time has access to more disposable incomes. However, our studies reveal that the Asians are quickly opting for health awareness initiatives making this market more attractive for the companies in this industry.
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