Global Pre-Clinical Imaging Market -Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, And Forecast, 2012 - 2018

Pre-clinical imaging is an efficient tool for the evaluation of the anatomical, functional, and physiological status of any organ at a cellular and molecular level. This technology plays an important role in the analysis of the properties and effects of any drug or therapy. It helps in understanding the pathophysiology and other characters of any disease. The global pre-clinical image market has experienced many developments in the past few years owing to macro-environmental factors such as technological innovation, government grants, and funding. Innovative technologies in pre-clinical imaging such as PET + MRI, PET + SPECT + CT, SPECT + MRI will be the major segments which will render the growth of this market owing to their advantages over conventional solitary techniques.

Some of the major drivers of this market are technological innovation, increase in the scope of pre-clinical research, increased funding by governments, growth in the use of imaging techniques and an increase in the number of pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, the major restraints which may hold back the growth of this market are the rising cost of imaging systems and the technological void in less developed countries. Consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry and slower growth in the technology adoption rate serve as the key challenges to the market.

The overall pre-clinical imaging market can be segmented into imaging systems market and imaging reagents market. The imaging systems market is further classified into stand-alone systems and multi-modal imaging systems. The multi-modal imaging systems market is segmented into multimodal optical imaging devices and multimodal nuclear imaging devices. The stand-alone imaging systems market is categorized as nuclear imaging, micro-MRI, optical imaging, micro ultrasound, and micro-CT. The imaging reagents market is segmented into nuclear imaging agents, MRI contrasting reagents, optical imaging agents, ultrasound contrast reagents, and CT contrast reagents.

Geographically, North America is the largest market for pre-clinical imaging systems, followed by Europe. The developing economies of Asia and rest of the world will also emerge as potential markets for such systems. Some of the major players in this industry are Perkin Elmer Inc., Bioscan Inc., Aspect Imaging, Siemens AG, Gamma Medica, and Life Technologies Corporation.

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