China PV System EPC Supplier 2012 Deep Research Report

China PV System EPC Supplier 2012 Deep Research Report
2012 Deep Research Report on China PV System EPC Supplier was a professional and depthresearch report on China pv system EPC industry. Firstly, the report introduced pv system EPC related contents and EPC risk management details information.

Then introduced pv system EPC construction process and China pv system EPC market status and analysis. At the same time, the report statistics China pv system EPC suppliers EPC installation system price cost gross margin etc details data analysis and research. And also listed China total EPC installation and Self-installation 2009-2016 data and related information. And then listed China 18 suppliers EPC projects samples and 2009-2016 EPC installation price cost gross production value gross margin etc details information and finally, the report summary introduced EPC profit model and EPC investment return analysis. And also introduced the whole pv system EPC history today and future development.

In a word,It was a depth research report on China pv system EPC industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from pv system EPC industry chain related experts and enterprises during QYResearch Solar Energy Research Team survey and interview.

Table of Contents
Chapter One EPC Overview 1
1.1 EPC Definition 1
1.2 EPC Classification 2
1.3 EPC Service Model 3
1.3.1 EPC Cooperation Method 3
1.3.2 EPC Operating System 3
1.4 EPC Service Characteristics 4
1.4.1 Efficient and Simple Principle 4
1.4.2 Fixed Owners Risk Principle 5
1.4.3 General Contractor Highly Coordinated Principle 5
1.4.4 High Return Principle 5
1.5 EPC Advantages 5
Chapter EPC PV System Construction Process 6
2.1 Construction Preparation 6
2.2 Construction Process 7
2.2.1 Civil Construction 7
2.2.2 Equipment Installation 7
2.2.3 Cabling Project 8
2.2.4 Lightning Protection and Grounding Construction 9
2.3 Commissioning and Trial Running 9
Chapter Three EPC Project Management and Risk Control 10
3.1 EPC Stage Management 10
3.1.1 EPC Design Management 10
3.1.2 EPC Purchasing Management 11
3.1.3 EPC Construction Management 11
3.2 Risk Control 11
3.2.1 Risk Identification 12
3.2.2 Risk Analysis 13
3.2.3 Risk Control and Processing 13
Chapter Four EPC Application and Development in PV System 14
4.1 China PV Installation 14
4.2 China PV System EPC Suppliers Market Status 16
4.3 China PV System EPC Development Trend 17
4.3.1 EPC Become Integrator of Up and Down Stream 17
4.3.2 EPC Become Energy Management System 17
Chapter Five China PV System EPC Market Status and Forecast 18
5.1 2009-2016 China PV System EPC and Self-installation Overview 18
5.2 2009-2016 China PV System EPC Suppliers Installations Overview 20
5.3 2009-2016 China PV System Installation Supply Demand and Shortage 23
5.4 2009-2016 China PV System EPC Installation Price Cost Production Value Gross Margin 23
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Chapter Six China PV System EPC Key Suppliers 24
6.1 GCL (Jiangsu) 24
6.2 Zhenfa Solar Energy (Jiangsu) 26
6.3 TBEA Solar (Xinjiang) 28
6.4 Guodian Solar (Jiangsu) 31
6.5 Guodian Nanjing Automation (Jiangsu) 33
6.6 Chint Solar (Zhejiang) 36
6.7 LDK (Jiangxi) 38
6.8 Sinohydro Engineering Bureau 3 (Shanxi) 40
6.9 Linuo Solar (Shandong) 43
6.10 Beijing Corona (Beijing) 45
6.11 China Power Investment (Beijing) 47
6.12 Rayspower (Beijing) 50
6.13 Zhongyi Construction (Jiangsu) 52
6.14 Gaochuang New Energy (Jiangsu) 54
6.15 AKCome (Jiangsu) 56
6.16 HT-SAAE (Shanghai) 58
6.17 Surpass Sun Electric (Hubei) 61
6.18 Jingneng New Energy (Beijing) 63
Chapter Seven PV System EPC Profit Model Analysis 66
7.1 China PV System EPC Profit Model Analysis 66
7.2 PV System EPC Supplier Profit Model Analysis 68
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