How To Delete Facebook Timeline Profile

In my previous post , i have posted on How To Enable Facebook Timeline? . This was an 100% working trick which will help you to activate developer version of facebook timeline Instantly . Not many  were fortunate of getting this new feature so this trick was a blessing for those .
So now you have reached here searching for how to remove this timeline feature . I’m not surprised because many of my friends asked me the same . I helped them in removing their account by the most simple method and I’ll help you in doing the same . Please not that the facebook will soon this change to all the profiles and it will be a permanent change .
To remove Facebook Timeline Developer Version:
  • Goto .
  • Select the app which you have created for enabling this timeline , and Edit Open Graph right to the open graph heading text .
  • Now a new window with open graph features will appear . Look for the bottom of the left sidebar , You will find a option like Delete App click on that and your app will be deleted.
Please note that the removing of the developer version will not affect your profile when the facebook launches the feature for all profiles .
And After That You Deactivate Your Acc.. And Reactivate It after 20-30 min. .!! =)


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