DON 2 - Movie Review - 2 star Only

Don2: The King Is Back
                                                                                                                     Don2: The King Is Back (2011)
                                                                                Director:Farhan Akhtar
                                                                                      Producer:Farhan Akhtar
                                  Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Kunal Kapoor, Boman Irani,

                                                                                      Don 2 - Movie Review

                                                                           Rating- 5/10

In terms of content and treatment, how much further has Farhan Akhtar taken the action flick? There's no easy answer to that. Needless to say Farhan’s creativity and talent takes the film to the next level. He completely justifies himself as a director. But, the film's outstanding topographical and technical detailing hampers the audiences' journey towards the characters.

Shahrukh Khan is amazingly stylish in the role of Don. He proves that he can carry a role that is immortalized by Amitabh with élan. SRK indeed carries the entire film on his shoulders.
Priyanka Chopra as Roma who is Don’s Junglee Billi scores well. This girl is extremely confident. Lara Dutta as Ayesha ads glamour and charm to the film. Kunal Kapoor as Sameer Ali apparently plays an admirer of Don. He meets him in Berlin. He does a decent job. Boman Irani as Vardhaanis who is in the journey of taking revenge form Don is absolutely justified.

Shah Rukh Khan as Don is the most elusive, cunning, wily, astute, manipulative, unforgiving crime world who returns with a new set of enemies and greater ambition.

Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don (Shahrukh Khan) has now set his sight on European domination. In his way are the

bosses of the existing European underworld and all law enforcement agencies.

The action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin, as Don must avoid assassination or arrest, whichever comes first in order for his plan to succeed.

He is the worst nightmare for his enemies. He knows their deepest secrets and fears, and knows when to let them live and when to pull the trigger. Shah Rukh Khan as Don is back with a vengeance in Don 2.

Remember how Don pulled the rug from under everyone’s feet by feigning his own death and pretending as a simpleton impost ring as the Don in the 2006. The story now moves forward. Having fled from right under the nose of the cops, Don has now set his eyes on greener pastures.

The film begins in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and from there the action shifts to Germany. Incidentally, Don 2 is the first film to be shot in Germany.

Don is a contemporary action thriller with good entertainment, peppy music, endearing Shah Rukh and nostalgic memories. You can watch this film and enjoy it as long as you don't compare it with its original version. The 


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